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Painted Mountain Farm


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Easy Stormin Bill

Sorrel Tobiano Stallion
DOB: 5-22-02
Sire: Stormin Gay
Dam: Cutter Bills Lady

We haven't had "Turtle" or "Bill" for very long, and came by him on accident really.  It starts out with going to a horse sale looking for fillies or mares.  We saw a filly that we were going to watch for when she ran through.  It was really crowded in the room, so we could barely see the horses at all.  When what we thought was the filly we wanted ran through, they said "she" was a registered APHA, etc...Well, so we started bidding....and got "her" with the highest bid.  We went back outside to the pens to see the "filly" and found that it wasn't a filly at was a....Bill!  I started  looking at him & his papers, though, and found that I just may want to keep him.